Our Charistym Fairies

Hi! Four years ago, my hubby, Dad-T, posted an impressive photomanipulation of our three girls. Here’s how he shared the whole thing online: __________________________________________________________ Our little castle is always filled with magical shrieks, laughters, and boombayah songs. Aside from the week-long ear-piercing screams, the entire domain would quake because of their ddu du ddu duContinue reading “Our Charistym Fairies”

Selfie Art | Mr Bean the Avatar

 It’s morphing time! Let’s change your selfie photo into any of your fave characters. We have Mr. Bean here as our model… We played with his handsomeness first in Photoshop… Look at that pointed nose! My hubby wanted him to look like a Na’vi warrior from the Avatar movie… After waving his photo-magic wand, MrContinue reading “Selfie Art | Mr Bean the Avatar”