LoveMe I Am Human Tshirts Giveaway

Hi! Dad-T and I showed you our #LoveMe [I’m A Person] design for the T-shirts giveaway. Now, how’s this for the finished print look: Well, to produce more shirts for the giveaway (with less cost in print), we’ve decided to use another design: We also have them in Filipino/Tagalog: They’re already prepared for the print process.Continue reading “LoveMe I Am Human Tshirts Giveaway”

ArtGigster is Here!

Hi! I’m Grace and my husband is Tim, an Artivist and Baybayinista. You can call me #ArtGigster if you want because I’m an avid supporter of transformative works and we, as a couple, are encouraging everyone to DO ART freely! Basically, ArtGigster is a ‘DIGITAL ART’ project that started online when my hubby’s #ArtVsArtist promoContinue reading “ArtGigster is Here!”