My Girls' Drawings

Hello, ArtGigster friends! One rainy day, my two girls, Gwen and Love, made a drawing together. Look at what they did…

Gwen’s drawing:

Love’s drawing:

I can see now that they have their Dad-T’s talent. I’m happy that both of them are enjoying each other’s company. I hope adults like us can enjoy art together, whatever medium each of us prefers.

Let’s color our world!

Art Gigs Comix 1

ArtGigs Comix

Hello, beautiful ArtGigster friends! Today, I’m giving you a comic strip that will make you wish you were a cartoon character. Dad-T (my hubby) simply cartoonized our two pretty girls, Gwen and Lovee. He could not stop these two from their selfie addiction, so instead of taking our old smartphone from them he turned them into cartoon characters for our Art Gigs project with

We can do amazing things with our kids and build memories with them through cartoonizing family pictures or selfies. Start your own comix and share it with us.

Let’s color our world!

One Heart ❤ Fulfilled With LOVE

Dear, it’s not difficult for me and my hubby to decide what platform to participate in. When we like something together, as long as it promotes love or charity, we easily agree to embark on it. We also teach our three lovely girls to care for each other; it starts with a simple kiss, embrace, and 831 (I love you). Why 831? Check out Fish Scales if you have time or hubby’s One Heart ❤ 831 post. ^_^

Let me continue with our family picture above. My hubby and I have one thing in common. When you understand that love adds value to your life, you want to be complete with it no matter what. Make sure that you have a ready heart for marriage and family, they’re all you have in life.

Speaking of HEART, we are just fascinated with’s heart-sharing community. Fundition’s One Heart Contest tells us exactly that when we combine all of of our hearts, we form one big heart. It’s what we have in our home too.

See my first girl Gwen preparing the things that we need…

With her help, we formed One Heart with empty plastic water bottles. They are useful for art projects, beautification, and we encourage you to recycle them or make a craft out of them.

Here I am, doing my part with willingness of course…

It is important to teach your kids to use even the simplest things that they can find and create art with it. My hubby specializes in arts and crafts. When he makes one product, he really pours his whole heart into it.

More than just being present to those we love, we are also creating an atmosphere of fulfillment in each other and in what we do with #OneHeart.

From my hubby, me, and our 3 girls….

Enjoy a fulfilled life with LOVE! ❤❤❤

Hey, 831 means “I love you” ❤

831… 8 letters, 3 words, 1 message — “I love you!”


Vibes & the Other-kinds


A superhero is a good character who fights evil and protects the citizens using superpowers or exceptional abilities. Some superheroes are masked crime fighters who conceal their real identity or alter ego.

A real-life superhero (RLSH) is a real human who is a good-doer performing community service in a superhero costume.

What do you think?

DCOMIX — Digital Comics

Hi! If you want to make money with your comics, join Dcomix!

A decentralized webcomics platform, Dcomix, challenges comics creators to bring their drawing magic online via a new website. Well, it’s about publishing comics and earning cryptocurrency from your craft too.

My hubby, of course, is the mind behind the project. But, he cannot do it alone. So, we’d like you to sign up and be a part of this community venture today!

Love D Unloved T shirts For A Cause

Love D’Unloved T-shirt price is now $22-23 in #LoveBooster’s Store at Teespring.

Purchases of any item with a positive message (#LoveMe or #LoveMe, I’m A Person) will help promote human dignity. Let’s change the way people see other people’s condition by empowering them with LOVE.

Do ART. Or do not. Just try. ^_^

LoveMe I Am Human Tshirts Giveaway

Hi! Dad-T and I showed you our #LoveMe [I’m A Person] design for the T-shirts giveaway. Now, how’s this for the finished print look:

Well, to produce more shirts for the giveaway (with less cost in print), we’ve decided to use another design:

We also have them in Filipino/Tagalog:

They’re already prepared for the print process. I’ll give you the updates on the costs asap.

We really want the “Love D’Unlovable Campaign” out there. So, we are asking the Filipino community to make this not just a short-term campaign but also a lifetime mission.

Let’s make this project possible. Thank you so much.

Selfie Art | Mr Bean the Avatar

 It’s morphing time! Let’s change your selfie photo into any of your fave characters.

We have Mr. Bean here as our model…

We played with his handsomeness first in Photoshop… Look at that pointed nose!

My hubby wanted him to look like a Na’vi warrior from the Avatar movie…

After waving his photo-magic wand, Mr Bean became Mr Bean the Avatar… ^_^

To make it more Avatarish, we need to place him in a poisonous environment… LOL… Pandora, here we come!


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