Our Charistym Fairies

Hi! Four years ago, my hubby, Dad-T, posted an impressive photomanipulation of our three girls. Here’s how he shared the whole thing online:

Our Charistym Fairies


Our little castle is always filled with magical shrieks, laughters, and boombayah songs. Aside from the week-long ear-piercing screams, the entire domain would quake because of their ddu du ddu du and bboom bboom dances. They’ve clearly rocked our lives since Black Pink and Momoland became phenomenal hits.

My marriage with Eowyn Grace is a real blessing indeed and it gave us three lovely Charistym fairies: Gwen, Lovee, and Baby Z.

Charistym Fairy 1: Gwen

Styles, dresses, and accessories for her. You’ll be amazed at what she can do with those old clothes and denims; they turn into pouch wallets.

Charistym Fairy 2: Lovee

She’s Daddy’s little girl, but they all are! Oh, she’s a natural gamer, already got 48,897 score in Subway Surf. Imagine what she could do with car racing and basketball.

Charistym Fairy 3: Baby Z

Everytime you see her, whether she’s eating, playing, dancing, or sleeping, she’s always the little darling of the whole kingdom.

Having these 3 daughters really make our lives more meaningful. We make sure that they enjoy their childhood and cuteness because one day they’ll all be ladies and, perhaps, li’l fairies no more.


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