Meet Eowyn Grace

Hi! When Dad-T felt we were in love, it seemed we’d been married for thousands of years for him. He knew we weren’t childhood friends; we were total strangers, just classmates in a review school when we met. I’m younger than him, so meetups were ordinary days for me then. Hmm, I was glowing like Eowyn when he saw me for the first time. I’m no fairy, but he appreciated my presence over time.

Making Eowyn Grace

Dad-T used Photoshop to create Eowyn Grace. I was supposed to cosplay for our company’s Christmas party and the assigned character, of course, was Eowyn from Lord of the Rings. It’s not my choice, but we both welcome the challenge. So, my hubby gave me a LOTR team kinda “next attraction” ad with Eowyn’s image, and this picture here is our choice.

Oh, he admired me for my prep time. And I’ve motivated myself already, that I’ll be able to carry the role for that, more or less, 5-minute car commercial. (I wish ^_^)

Now, let’s see Dad-T’s WIP (work in progress) screenshots for Eowyn Grace’s poster:

He told me that, during the layout, he used the lasso tool and selected my darling face from our throwback love birds pic. Muh gosh, Dad-T’s face was as huge as a jumbo siopao… Haha!

After cleaning it up a little, blurring and smudging some parts of my face and neck, he added the two names using suitable fonts like Constantine (for Eowyn) and Alex-brush Regular (for Grace).
For the final touch, he gave it a glowing visage.
I really loved what he did with the simple yet elegant Eowyn look in black background.

Do ART. Or do not. Just try. ^_^

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Do Art. Or do not. Just try.

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