ArtGigster is Here!

Hi! I’m Grace and my husband is Tim, an Artivist and Baybayinista.

You can call me #ArtGigster if you want because I’m an avid supporter of transformative works and we, as a couple, are encouraging everyone to DO ART freely!

Basically, ArtGigster is a ‘DIGITAL ART’ project that started online when my hubby’s #ArtVsArtist promo gimmick got deleted or rejected by a popular art community. (FYI: just because he forgot the name of the art tool) This was his post:

I know why he’s using photomanipulation and winning people with it but there are those who are just unable to understand him and his ART GIGS. He’s always challenging himself to bring out our creativity within and yet he’s getting few supports. Maybe it’s because of his #DeepThinker side that most of his peers reject but he’s merely expressing his thoughts and findings about life and freedom.

Anyway, before I bore you with explanations, let me share these samples of Selfie Arts that he created recently:

V of BTS


Both digital arts reached 300+ views in one day in our ArtGigster Page on Facebook. It’s simply “Wow!”

And we also got followed on ArtGigster Twitter by Pop singer-songwriter Robert Dobbs. What a cool guy! Here’s our Selfie Art gift for him…

Robert Dobbs

We even got a thumbs up approval from Lou Veloso, an indie film ‘Best Actor’ from the Philippines.

Lou Veloso

And we are thankful for all the photographers who’ve showcased all these images online. Without them we won’t be able to do transformative artworks.

You know what I liked best among my hubby’s digital arts, it’s Yoda from Star Wars!


This famous Yoda line: “Do. Or do not. There is no try” became the basis of ArtGigster’s ‘DO ART’ Campaign:


Maybe it’s all just a reproduction of photos, art, or movie lines to some but it’s our way of saying “Thank You!” for being creative geniuses. We salute all photographers, writers, and artists out there who made and are still making original contributions!

And thank you, WordPress, for granting us a space to share transformative works. May we all live freely in this world of creativity!

See y’all next post,


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Do Art. Or do not. Just try.

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